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A 16" x 20" reprint of a full page of The Globe and Mail can be your way of celebrating the following personal or business occasions:

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Company Coverage
  • Corporate Appointment

Dates from 2003 forward are made available from high quality pdf images and in colour only where applicable. Otherwise, all reprints will be in black & white.

Note that for digital full–page reprints from earlier dates (our collection goes back to 1849), the quality is limited to the microfilm image available.


Reprint orders from microfilm are fulfilled by Preston Microfilming Services, an agent operating on behalf of The Globe and Mail.

BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER - Please review the 'Frequently Asked Questions' below.

To place an order, use our online order form:

Payment to Preston Microfilming Services can be made in one of two ways:

  1. By credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Preston will contact you for your credit card information.
  2. By cheque or money order, mailed to the following address:
    Preston Microfilming Services
    75 Horner Ave., Unit 12
    Toronto, Ontario
    M8Z 4X5
    Please review the secure order form so you know the information to include along with your payment.

In either case, Preston will contact you with any issues or concerns that need to be clarified before the order is processed.

How soon can I order after publication?

Reprints from microfilm are available approximately three weeks after the date of publication.

How far back can I order?

Reprints can be ordered for any full page of The Globe and Mail back to 1849.

What pages can be reprinted?

Reprints can be ordered for any page from any section of each day's Final or National edition of The Globe and Mail. Unless specified in the Special Instructions box, the reprint will be produced from the Final edition.

Do I need to know the date of publication and the page number?

If you are ordering a front page for an anniversary, birthday, or Century of the Millennium page, you need to know the date.
If you are ordering a specific page for company coverage or a corporate appointment, you need to know the date and preferably the page number.

How can I locate the date of publication if I don't know it?

We do not provide the publication date. You may be able to search back issues on microfilm at a public or university/college library. Ask your local reference librarian.
The Globe and Mail also offers a Quick Search Service, for articles published on or after November 14, 1977. For more details, check the 'Quick Search Service' information on this page.

What is the size and quality of the reprint?

Size is 16" x 20" on photographic paper (suitable for mounting or placing in a document frame). Reprint quality is based on the quality of the microfilm, which varies due to age, faults and age-related imperfections in the original film. Photos do not reproduce well from microfilm.
If you have any concerns about this, please state it in the special instructions part of the order form and you will be contacted.

How soon is the reprint shipped after I place an order and in what manner?

Reprints are shipped rolled, in a protective cardboard tube, by expedited mail on Tuesdays or you can pick-up in person. If you want a request for pick-up, please indicate this in the Special Instructions part of the order form.

What is the cost of a reprint and is there another way I can get one aside from ordering it from The Globe and Mail?

The cost for a full page reprint (no changes) is $125.00 (plus applicable taxes).
Customized full page reprints start at $160.00 (plus applicable taxes). Be sure to fill out the "Special Instructions" field on the order form for any changes you want made to the page and way to get in touch with you to verify changes.
Alternate means would be a reader-printed copy from the microfilm at a public or university/college library.
Also, the full text of every Globe article published since November 14, 1977 is available via several search services - for more details, see the 'Searching' topic on this page.

How can I pay by credit card?

Please indicate on the order form and you will be contacted by Preston Microfilming for your credit card information. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Is there a person I can contact about this microfilm reprint service?

Yes, prints produced from our microfilm are handled entirely by Preston Microfilming via the E-mail and postal addresses given below:
Preston Microfilming Services
75 Horner Ave., Unit 12
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 4X5
For all other Globe matters, please contact Globe customer care at, or at one of the phone numbers given on our Contacts page.