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The Globe and Mail Paper Procurement Policy

Toronto - January 2, 2008 -- The Globe and Mail is Canada's premier newspaper exemplifying excellence in journalism and publishing. The Globe and Mail's procurement policy for newsprint and other papers upholds its tradition of leadership and excellence. To this end, The Globe and Mail requires that its paper suppliers be environmentally responsible.

The Globe and Mail believes that its commitment to ensure that its papers derive from ecologically sustainable sources can be implemented in harmony with its commitment to source its papers according to price, availability and product quality to maximize profits.

Thus, The Globe and Mail is committed to the following Ancient Forests Stewardship model for its paper procurement policy:

a) The Globe and Mail is aware of the potential impacts of paper production and consumption on the world's remaining forest ecosystems, and is concerned about forest conservation. The Globe and Mail will work to eliminate the use of fibre from ancient and endangered forests, such as: the Canadian Boreal Forests; Temperate Rainforests of British Columbia, Alaska and Chile; and the Tropical Rainforests of Indonesia and the Amazon.

b) The Globe and Mail will set targets to progressively maximize Post-Consumer Recycled content in all of its papers.

c) The Globe and Mail will demonstrate purchasing preferences for virgin wood fibre certified by independent, third party certification schemes, and will support Forest Stewardship Certified wood fibre as the preferred option.

d) The Globe and Mail will encourage suppliers to eliminate the production of persistent organic pollutants in its product supply chain. The Globe and Mail will give purchasing preference to papers that are bleached without the use of chlorine or chlorine compounds.

e) The Globe and Mail will minimize overall fibre consumption by implementing and expanding internal business processes.

f) The Globe and Mail will explore the use of non-wood agricultural residues to reduce virgin fibre content, and to encourage alternatives to paper milled from endangered forests.

g) The Globe and Mail will establish benchmarks, verification and reporting processes on targets and commitments.

h) The Globe and Mail commits to promoting Ancient Forest Friendly procurement policies with other publishers and paper buyers, suppliers, customers, and advertisers. The Globe and Mail will use reasonable efforts to influence their supply chain to use environmentally responsible practices.

i) The Globe and Mail commits to working with suppliers, Markets Initiative, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders on protecting endangered forests, improving forest management and production practices, and reducing demand on forests.


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